Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS): What Graduates Need to Know

Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS)_ What Graduates Need to Know by Christina @ WOCinthechat on Unsplash

We’ve All Heard The News Of The New Job Entry Targeted Support Scheme (JETS), But What Do Graduates Need to Know?

The new Job Entry Targeted Support Scheme (JETS) can seem like great news for graduates on the surface but dig a little deeper and you might be just as disappointed as me.

The government has announced another scheme aimed at helping people get into work. But this one comes with a caveat that hits graduates hard: it’s not for us.

Despite the fact that millions of graduates from the last couple of years are struggling under the weight of an oversaturated job market, this new scheme is aiming to help those that have already had professional experience and skills development get back into work. Even though it’s the Job Entry Targeted Support Scheme.

Unless you graduated a few years ago and have lost your job due to all this Covid malarky, you’re not going to be targeted either. It looks like we’re on our own.

The information is incredibly vague right now, but it seems like we’re being left to fend for ourselves.

We’re missing out on:

  • Hearing advice from the 13,500 newly hired careers coaches.
  • Benefitting from Covid-19 specific CV and interview coaching.

But wait a second… is that it? If the government’s new scheme is just a basic careers service – one that we can still get from our university, by the way – maybe we don’t need it after all.

We haven’t been completely left out to dry, anyway. The government’s Kickstart scheme should help any of us on Universal Credit get a work placement. Find out more here.

In fact, we offer more help than JETS does! If you’re looking for free training courses and exciting junior opportunities, forget about government schemes! DigitalGrads has you covered. Simply sign up, create your professional profile and get to it!

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