Job Hunt Tips From an Intern – A Conversation with Tyler Channer

Job Hunt Tips from an Intern - A Conversation with Tyler Channer by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Job Hunt Tips From a Successful 2019 Grad and Intern

Tyler and I talk about being an intern, working from home and job hunt tips in the second half of our conversation. We worked together at DigitalGrads while he was a Marketing and Recruitment Intern. Read the first half of our conversation about working for start-ups here.

So how has your internship been?

“It’s definitely been one to remember! I’ve learnt so much over the six weeks… Mostly, it’s made me know what I want out of a job in the future.

“It’s helped me branch out and enjoy things that I didn’t think I would. My job was marketing and recruitment, but I’ve never done marketing before. Now I’m definitely interested in that part of the industry.”

What kind of marketing did you do?

“I mostly helped my own understanding. I know how important it is to talk to clients and I’ve liked talking to all of our grads. I’ve got an understanding of what you do with the blog… things like that.”

How has working from home been for you?

“Um… it’s different! It’s one of those things that you can either cope with or not.

“Most of the time I’ve enjoyed it. Sometimes when you work in a big office environment you can feel a lot of pressure. Everyone’s eyes are on you when you’re the new kid on the block.

“Working from home, you don’t have the added pressure of feeling like you have to do too much. And when you’re more relaxed, you’re more likely to feel comfortable in the job and the things you have to do. Like just expressing yourself and becoming more comfortable with your colleagues on Zoom.”

So, what’s next for you?

“My next step is to find another job! Ideally I want to find something more permanent now that I’ve done two internships. I feel like I’ve got the relative experience I need.

“If I go onto another internship it will hopefully be a long one – several months to a year. As I want something in the marketing-recruitment area now, I’ll take some time to do some training to broaden my skills.

“I’ll definitely use the DigitalGrads Academy – I’ve already started some of the courses! And I’ll apply to the jobs that come up on the site too.”

Nice! Finally, have you got any job hunt tips?

“I would say don’t close yourself off to any opportunities that come your way. That includes internships – they’re a great way to get your foot in the door. I’ve been very lucky to secure two of them.

“And lastly, make sure to be yourself, be genuine and do what you can. Put your all into everything you do – everything else will fall into place.”

I know that I speak for the whole DigitalGrads team when I say that we wish Tyler the best of luck in his career. We know he’ll do great.

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