My Job Hunting Predicament & How I Have Found A Solution

Lately, I have been looking for a new and exciting job opportunity in digital marketing. As a recent graduate, I wanted to find out information about how to design my CV to stand out. That is how I found the DigitalGrads website. DigitalGrads supports recent graduates by offering free training, CV tips and interview advice with the opportunity of finding them a digital marketing job at the end. 


Reading their about page and knowing how difficult it is for recent graduates to get a job nowadays, I could totally relate to the unpleasant experience. Most employers were looking for someone with much more experience than me. I felt saddened and confused because I did not know what to-do to get my dream job. I submitted my CV to DigitalGrads and in less than an hour, I received a friendly call from a member of the team – Kristina. Kristina explained that DigitalGrads offers a free online course which is designed by professionals in the industry. She told me that the programme will help me pass my interview and gain knowledge of all the relevant skills necessary to land a job in digital marketing. The programme’s content takes only about 9 hours to complete and once I had passed the first part of it, my profile was activated and visible to employers.


DigitalGrads designed my online job seeker profile, built my CV and showed a % of each test I had taken presenting my new learnt skills.


Within a week of signing up, Jonny (director of recruitment) had two interviews arranged for me.


For the first time, I felt supported and valued as a recent graduate. No other recruitment company had called me as soon as I registered.


The course was easy to understand, relevant and professional. I believe it is the most useful course I have ever taken and it felt like I had emerged into a working environment. The creator of the course, Lucy Smith, has more than 20 years experience in the industry. She gives clear and helpful information which is entry – level and anyone can learn it.

The DigitalGrads team: Jonny, Kristina and Lucy with the guys from Eagle and Beagle.

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Kristiana is a Masters graduate with experience as a Digital Marketing Assistant, managing and editing Web content and managing Google AdWords. She also has experience as a UX consultant, and is looking for a digital marketing position to further her learning.
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