5 Ways To Get Out Of A Job Hunting Rut

There are always plenty of people on the job hunt at any given time. Some are doing it for the first time; they’re fresh out of university and going through life’s natural progressionthe transition from student to professional in order to reach the stage of financial freedom. Meanwhile, there are also those searching for a new job because they have decided that it’s time to switch careers.

All these candidates make for a fiercely competitive and daunting job-hunt scene. The sheer number alone of people vying for the same job positions in the same business organisation can be quite disheartening. Many automatically believe that the chances of making it are slim to none. Therefore, all they can do is apply for every open job position their skills somehow fit into.

Although that may seem like a sound strategy, it often fails to yield the results hoped for. After being repeatedly rejected for a job, a lot of job seekers develop poor self-confidence and a defeatist attitude. Eventually, they just go about job hunting without a clear purpose, and dread the process immensely.

Falling into a job hunting rut is not uncommon. For some jobseekers, the excitement of finding that dream job dies right away after the first rejection. However, they keep on looking for a job because they’re afraid to be branded “lazy and useless” by society.

Are you in a job hunting rut like many job seekers today? Do you wish to get out of it, become more productive, and finally land the job you want? Seasoned Dubai headhunters have five tips to help you achieve this goal.

1. Extract yourself from the job hunting scene and improve yourself

If job hunting has not gotten you anywhere for several months, redirect your focus on improving yourself. Work on your skills or gain new ones so you can become more employable. This will not only refresh your mind but also reinvigorate you for your next job hunting season.

2. Consider other job positions

Expand your search if the jobs you are vying for are just too competitive. Keep your eyes peeled for new vacancies within other industries that require skills and experience similar to what you have.

Also, welcome those jobs that don’t require experience because they’re opportunities for you to gain new knowledge and skills. You may have an easier time landing these jobs and you can use them as stepping stones for the one you want.

3. Volunteer your skills

Look for volunteer programs in your community that can make use of the skills you possess. For instance, if you have a good command of the English language, perhaps you can volunteer as an English instructor. Or if you’ve been eyeing a position in retail because of your interest in fashion, you can get in touch with your community centre and offer your knowledge of appropriate dressing and styling for job interviews.

Transfer your knowledge to others while you’re still waiting for the job opening you want. You’ll not only feel better about yourself but you also get to add something new to your credentials.

4. Revamp your look

Don’t ever think that transforming your physical appearance won’t have much impact on your psyche – it will. Strive to look your best – get a fresh haircut, learn how to do your makeup differently, work out and tone-up – all these can do wonders in boosting your confidence.

With better self-esteem, because you know you look good, you’ll also feel more optimistic about applying for the jobs you want. At the same time, you can be sure to leave a much better impression on potential employers.

5. Try meditating and practicing mindfulness

Not achieving what you are aiming for after going through a difficult process every time can really take its toll on you. You will feel down and confused, and all sorts of negative emotions can brew inside you.

Meditation and the practice of mindfulness may provide you a different perspective of what you’re going through. This can inspire you to take a fresh approach to looking for a job so it doesn’t diminish your joy, and instead increases your enthusiasm at the prospect of finally launching a career.

Getting a job may take longer than you initially expected, but don’t let it thrust you into a pit of despair. There are so many other options for you out there; just keep an open mind, continue doing what you have to do, and don’t take the dynamics of job hunting too personally. Eventually, you’ll find yourself doing something that earns well and also satisfies you as a professional.

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