Jobs in Tech Are Booming, But How Do You Get One?

Jobs in Tech Are Booming by Karma Talukdar on Unsplash

Jobs in the UK Tech Sector Have Increased by 36% Over the Last Two Months, But How Can You Secure One?

New statistics reveal that the UK tech industry isn’t in the weeds anymore. Jobs have boomed over the last few months by 36%, but how can you make sure that you get one?

A 36% increase seems massive, but times could still be tough for graduates. We don’t know how many of these roles are entry level, so hold back the prosecco for now. These are the facts:

  • We began 2020 seeing 150,000 tech vacancies advertised every week.
  • These figures took a big hit around March when lock down began.
  • The tech industry has started to recover. We’re now seeing 90,000 jobs advertised weekly.
  • 90,000 jobs is still 40% less than usual.

So there’s been a relative boom in vacancy ads, but…

What are the jobs?

It’s all well and good saying that tech jobs are booming, but what are these jobs exactly?

There’s been a sharp increase in front-end developer vacancies across the country, but software developer roles are the most in demand across all sectors at nearly 7% most common. The second most in demand tech role is project manager at around 5%.

Major cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cambridge and Belfast have seen bigger surges in tech vacancies – around 20%.

How can you get one of these jobs?

So what are employers looking for in these roles? Where are they looking?

Across all of the software developer job ads, employers were usually demanding knowledge of:

  • Engineering 
  • .net 
  • JavaScript 
  • Java 
  • C++ 
  • Data 
  • SQL  
  • Python  
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Client 

Although these skills and technologies are most commonly demanded of software devs, it’s worth learning some of these for other tech roles.

If you’re wanting to become a front-end developer, employers are usually looking for:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Git
  • Version Control

And if you’re wanting to become a project manager, a range of these skills is ideal:

  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Scrum Management
  • Agile methodology
  • Negotiation

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Now that you’ve got the skills, where should you apply?

Jobs in tech might be booming but you have to be looking in the right place to find them.

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