Junior Marketer Job Description

As a Junior Marketer you will get involved in creating and running marketing campaigns including social media, email marketing, creating landing pages and writing blogs.

What Does A Junior Marketer Do?

Your Typical Tasks

  • Marketing Campaign Management: Understanding of campaign life cycle, assisting in developing marketing strategies alongside your manager. For this you may do research tasks and create presentations with your findings. 
  • Analytics: Monitoring Google Analytics and adding results to a spreadsheet to analyse website traffic and make recommendations to optimise the pages, such as reducing bounce for SEO.
  • Email Marketing: Creating and building emails for email marketing campaigns using software such as Mailchimp. 
  • Content Writing: Writing content for the company blog, website and social media channels.  
  • Website Management: Building webpages, creating landing pages and generally updating the website.  
  • Community Management: Managing and creating content for social media channels, you may also use a CRM to manage relationships with customers.

Your Salary and Working Hours

Your hours will usually be between 9-5 Monday-Friday but some companies offer more flexible working. Starting salary can be expected as £20K - £25K in London and is often a bit lower in other parts of the country starting at £16-18K. Some entry level roles will be higher paid, however they will usually require you to have some sort of experience in the form of work experience or an internship.

What Skills Are Important For A Junior Marketer?

Your Technical Skills

  • Google Analytics, Excel
  • Website management, WordPress
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) - Hubspot/Salesforce & email marketing - Mailchimp
  • Content writing 
  • Social media management 
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Your Soft Skills

  • Communicate with clients & colleagues and build rapport 
  • Adaptability - a multi-task & stay organised 
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, deadline heavy environment
  • Analytical thinker - notice patterns in data and reports 
  • Creative thinker - come up with ideas and be innovative 
  • Attention to detail - notice mistakes and pattens in data

DigitalGrads Junior Marketing Training 

Training and updating your skills is a key way to improve your CV when you're a junior starting out. If you don't have very much experience, training will be your best friend. DigitalGrads have multiple training courses for Junior Marketers.

Search Marketing

Dive head first into the challenging world that is Google.


Learn how to update a website and create a landing page.

Email Marketing

Learn one of the most useful skills for digital marketers.

Video Marketing

Learn how to create video for a specific purpose and audience.

Social Media 

Do you want to become a social media aficionado?

Your Career Journey


Marketing Intern

A typical marketing career starts with you gaining experience as an intern or an assistant. You will usually have to work as a junior for a couple of years before moving up! Your salary can be anything between between £16k-£23k depending on the size of the company. 


Marketing Exec / Manager

The next stage is the journey from Marketing Executive to a Marketing Manager.  Both roles will have graduated to managing campaigns autonomously, with the key difference being that a manager will typically have a team to manage, be a bit more experienced and get paid a bit more. It's at this point in their careers that people often make the choice to specialise and focus on one area (such as SEO, PPC, Social Media or Email Marketing) or stick to being a generalist e.g a Marketing Manager and do a bit of everything, Your salary can be roughly anything between between £30K-£60k at this level. With some managerial positions reaching £70 or 80k.


Marketing VP, Director and Beyond... 

If you have worked your whole career in marketing maybe you may end up as Vice President Marketing or a Marketing Director. These roles come with a highly competitive salary and will usually be paid more than £70K. At this point, maybe you will opt to create your own company... or become a contractor or freelancer now that you have some lots of experience. The world is your *marketing* oyster so to speak!