Now I’m A Grad, What Do I Do Next…?

I graduated at twenty-two with a degree in Journalism with Contemporary Arabic studies. Being the only one in the UK with this specific degree, everybody told me how the world would be my oyster and I would be able to do anything I wanted. That however, was the problem. I had too many options. Now I’m a grad, what do I do now?

My first move

Firstly, I went seeking Arabic speaking roles. I landed my first job a month after I graduated, as a learning mentor for Arabic refugees. That was great! I continued with that position for half a year and then moved on to working with a medical insurance company. In this job, I looked after Saudi students in the UK, I did this for two months. I was happy with my grad job, however my role became redundant and I had to think about doing something different career wise…

Career change

This brings me to a few months ago. I decided that I wanted to now try and specialise more into media and start gaining some experience. After much research and thought into what I enjoyed doing, I decided that digital media with a focus on social media in particular is the career direction I wanted to pursue. Finally having decided this, I realised I needed to go back to square one and start trying to gain as much experience as I could, as all my post-grad experience had been related to the Arabic part of my degree.

Square one in digital

I searched on all the job sites, connected with all the right people on LinkedIn and got my foot in the door with a social media internship. I was in control of creating web content, which in this role meant coming up with ideas for 14 posts a week. Once my ideas were generated, I would send them off to the designer who would design the post for me. As soon as that was done, I was ready to get those posted. I was also in control of coming up with different strategies to promote the start-up I was interning with and got to witness first-hand the real power social media can have for a business when done correctly.


Now we come today, where I discovered DigitalGrads and buzzed through their digital marketing and social media courses, absorbing all the new interesting information I was learning and scoring marks I am definitely proud of. This was the grad training experience I had been looking for!

The team at DigitalGrads were quick to get me a profile created and here I am trying everything I can with the teams help to become an expert at social media and get my career kick-started.

Thinking of a career change?

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Negla is a recent journalism graduate, with work experience working on social media accounts as well as in a local newspaper.
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