How to overcome the experience conundrum

If there’s one thing that frustrates graduates the most, it’s the experience conundrum. You want an entry-level role in digital marketing but it requires experience. This in itself is irritating as many would assume entry-level would negate needing experience as you should be learning as you go. You then take a look at internships or unpaid work placements and the same still applies! It’s annoying and can become disheartening.

Just take a look at Twitter and Facebook and you will see that it’s full of angry and confused job-hunters. The one below is a classic frustration as so many jobs are advertised as not needing experience and when it comes to it, a lack of experience is given as the reason for your rejection.

experience conundrum

Grab every opportunity you can

Even if you can find unpaid experience, not everyone can afford to do this long-term. There is no shame in this and with the cost of living, renting, mortgages etc. going up it’s only right that you expect to be paid for work. However, if you are able to voluntarily spend a few days at a company this can prove extremely useful. Even one day can give you a glimpse of what an average day looks like in digital marketing. You can also build up your contacts this way, LinkedIn is a great tool for this.

Climb the career ladder sideways before going up

Another way to get ahead is to take on a role that you are qualified/have experience for within a company. Maybe you have excellent telephone skills and could be a researcher? This allows you to get your foot in the door and spend time talking to managers about your career aspirations. Many companies recruit internally first so sometimes ‘who you know’ is as important as ‘what’.

Don’t underestimate yourself

There are some other things you can do to get out of this cycle. Make the most of what you do have; so-called ‘soft skills’. These include things such as communication skills, leadership and problem-solving. These can be gained in all areas including education, hobbies and clubs as well as work placements. If you were treasurer of a university society then you can demonstrate organisational skills as well as reliability and cash handling experience. If you completed a dissertation this demonstrates your project and time management skills as well. Don’t underestimate what you already have.

experience conundrum

The solution you’ve been looking for

Never fear, here at Digital Marketing for Graduates, our main aim is to help you solve the vicious catch-22 that is experience. We offer training in areas such as social media and Search Engine marketing to give you the hands-on experience you need.

During your training, you get to take part in a real marketing campaign which could lead to a ready-made role. If that place is not for you, you will leave with valuable experience and insight into the world of digital marketing.

Get in touch today to take your first step towards your new career.

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