How I Got My First Role As A Product Marketing Executive

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My name is Floris Ruys and I have been working for Samsung Electronics UK for 18 months as a Product Marketing Executive within Digital Appliances. A leading consumer electronics company that delivers innovative and ground-breaking products, Samsung has been a fantastic place to start my career.

1. How did you get your role?

I began applying to all the large FMCG (fast-moving consumer-goods) and consumer electronics companies in September 2014 desperate to make it into one of the top brands as a marketing executive. My strategy began with a weekend researching all the available grad schemes and positions and adding them into an excel document with a rating of how interested I was by the position, what the application deadline was and what I needed to do for the application. This helped me manage the entire process so I was never rushing to complete an application on deadline day.

Dozens of applications and several rejections later I made it through to the Samsung assessment centre (my third and final). Having already done 2 assessment centres with other brands (rejected by one and accepted by the other) I was much more confident than the other candidates and this stood me in good stead. The assessment centres were incredible experiences where I learnt to control my nerves, communicate effectively and really understand what the assessors were looking for.

For marketing roles assessors generally look for graduates that are confident, friendly, switched on, enthusiastic and able to work in a team. Focusing on these qualities will significantly enhance your chances of making it through – especially if you show buckets of enthusiasm for both the role and the brand.

2. What do you find most challenging about your role?

For me the most challenging times at Samsung have also been the most frustrating. Having come into the company excited and eager to make a positive difference the great ideas that I had rarely came to fruition. This was often because there was no budget for it and at other times because of the length of time it would take and the huge amount of stakeholders that would have to be involved.

Another challenging time is the regular admin work, where I felt that my skills and creativity weren’t being put to efficient use. Coming into a company, it is all about managing your own expectations and understanding that at the beginning there will always be times where you have to do the work that no one wants to do and that you can’t change everything even if you think it’s a million dollar idea.

3. What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love almost everything about my job and it really helps that I am passionate about our brand and products.

Having this passion definitely makes me more excited to excel and adding value to those projects really makes those Sundays much more bearable. Another thing I enjoy here at Samsung is the people; within the organisation I can confidently say I have the best team from both social and support perspectives. I have also been fortunate enough to work on a Charity Fundraising project that allowed me to network across the entire business which was a great learning experience and very enjoyable.

The projects I have managed and been involved with have also played a major part in my happiness here at Samsung where I have been challenged to execute best-in-class projects on time and been responsible for communicating the developments of projects with the necessary stakeholders. Constantly thrown into new and exciting projects that bring out my creative side I have expansively broadened my understanding how projects are planned, executed and reviewed and learnt how to manage relationships with agencies and other stakeholders.

4. Are there 3 activities that you do most days that you could elaborate on a little?

Within my role I have various responsibilities that I execute on a day-to-day basis. I manage added-value promotions which include extended warranty and cash-back. Working with key stakeholders across the business I manage the creative and delivery of POS (point-of-sale), the online registration page and communication with those involved within the promotion. I am responsible for the DA (Home Appliance) part of the Samsung website, ensuring that all products are successfully launched on the website whilst constantly improving the customer journey. I manage product awards and reviews which involves clear communication with the business and retail channels as to take on new opportunities while I am also involved in ensuring product content across all platforms is as good as it can be.

5. Describe your workplace, team environment and the people you work with.

The workplace is fantastic; full of ambitious hard-working people and is a great environment in which to thrive. As I mentioned before, I work within a team with great chemistry that is always ready to help each other out and drive the business forward. Being part of the graduate scheme has also allowed me to make good friends across the business and understand more about the new and exciting products that are being launched and how they contribute to Samsung’s overall growth.

6. Lastly, any tops tips for Graduates looking to get a job in marketing?

To become a marketing exec the first step is to know all the various platforms and understand how they are effectively utilised by organisations. Keeping up with the rapid pace at which the marketing environment changes and how it is impacting the strategies of organisations worldwide is essential, from customising the consumer journey to producing engaging content that relates to the target customer base. Brands will also use social media to position themselves at a certain point within the market that tells a story of what they are about and want to do. Preparing for interviews make sure you read what the industry experts are saying, sign up to blogs and try and recognise trends adopted by brands. Finally make sure you are always passionate, curious and ready to learn. Good Luck!

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Floris started his career work at Samsung Electronics UK working within the Digital Appliances team as a Product Marketer. He speaks English and Dutch fluently and Italian and Spanish at advanced and intermediate levels respectively and has worked in the UK, Italy and Kenya.
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