Product Update #1: Profile Builder

Since lockdown began we’ve seen a surge in grad sign-ups to our site. This is great, but our small team can only handle so much. With every new account came a new load of admin – data inputting, fact-checking and profile building. No more!

Our new builder puts the responsibility of crafting a great, professional profile in your hands. Don’t worry, it’s not a form filling snooze fest. It’s actually easy, quick and fun – if I do say so myself.

What does this mean for you?

Have you ever looked at your DigitalGrads profile and wanted to re-word something? Update your job history? Add a course to your eduction?

Before you would have had to upload a new CV and send us a message. We would’ve done it all for you, but you would have been waiting around for us. That makes no sense! Why shouldn’t you be able to change your profile? After all, you know what you want it to look like.

Well now you can! Keeping your profile up to date is now easier than ever before. Our new builder gives you full control over what it looks like. You can change what employers see and make yourself sound as amazing as you want… just make sure it’s believable.

How does it work?

Simply log in to your DigitalGrads account and go to your profile. You’ll see a new prompt at the top for your ‘timeline’ – this is the profile builder.

Click into your timeline and find all of your work and eduction history in one place. Next, edit it as you please and watch as your profile develops.

profile builder

This update will make you live and able to apply to jobs and get hired much faster. So what are you waiting for? Edit your timeline today and get your profile perfect.

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