Product Update #2: Right to Work Tracker

This one goes out to all of our international grads. We see you. We know that being asked about your right to work over and over again is annoying.

Our development team have been working on a visa status tracker. This is a new way to log your details that ensures no wires get crossed.

What does this mean for you?

In the past when you’ve applied to jobs with us you’ve probably been asked about your visa. Waiting for a response took up valuable time, time the employer could have spent interviewing you. We wanted to streamline this by giving you space on your profile to give us all of your info.

So we developed and released our right to work tracker. This ensures that you, the employer and the DG team know whether you would be able to take on jobs at a glance.

This means that you’re going to be shortlisted for more roles and talking with more companies. You won’t be constantly asked about your visa status because it will be obvious.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Go to your profile and click on the ‘edit timeline’ button. Find your right to work box and get to editing!

right to work

Once you’ve opened the editor you’ll see loads of options. One should apply to your situation – if it doesn’t please let us know! You’ll see options like:

  • I’m a citizen and so have the right to work
  • I have temporary right to work
  • I don’t have right to work
  • I’m going to apply for a working visa soon
right to work

Please fill in any dates you’re asked for. We want you to have the easiest experience on our platform. The best way to do that is if we over-communicate. This way, we won’t have to come back to you with all of those annoying questions. And our employers won’t be confused, too.

Go to your profile today and check it out!

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