Product Update #3: Help! Robots Have Taken Over!

In a dramatic turn of events, the DigitalGrads development team have launched a recruitment robot! It has one life mission: to help you find your dream job.

Our robot (as of yet unnamed) has been talking to all of our new platform sign-ups for a couple of weeks now, making friends and doing his job very well.

What does this mean for you?

Our dear little robot is here for two reasons, and the first is to help you get hired faster. As we’ve grown over the last couple of years we’ve had less and less time to get to know you.

This can make helping you get a job a little difficult. When our recruiters get to know you personally they can really match you to the right employer.

But Kasia only has so much time on her hands, so we got to thinking. Or more accurately, our development team got to scheming. Over the last few months they’ve been building a friendly robot to help you through the process.

Hopefully this means that – if you don’t ghost our poor robot – you should be able to find a job much faster.

And the second reason why our robot is here is because – well, we need the help! Getting your profiles ready for employers takes a lot of hard work and admin. The robot is here to ask you some questions about your skills, experiences and interests so we don’t have to.

Our profiles team can then creep on your convo with our robot and pull out anything interesting to add to your profile bio, impressing employers and hopefully you too.

How does it work?

Once you complete a few DigitalGrads beginners steps like creating an account and verifying your email, you’re going to see a little chat notification pop up.

Click onto your messages to see a very warm hello from ‘DigitalGrads Team’ AKA the robot! Our robot just has a few questions for you, if you don’t mind.

Click through the questions – this should take you no longer than five minutes – to let us know what makes you special.

The robot offers some great conversation...

Some questions will be yes or no and some will give you space to free type your answer. Remember the more detail, the more we can work with.

The robot can help you update your right to work status, take a profile picture, record compelling videos and fill in all of the information you need.

After you have answered all of the robot’s questions, it’s time to say goodbye and wait for your profile to be made by our team. Once it’s done it should look a little something like this:

Beep boop, here's my profile after I completed the robot's questions!

Our robot is still in its early stages, so you might see some more changes happening soon!

If you want to fast track your profile to get it in front of employers fast – or if you’re just looking for a friendly interaction with a robot – create your DigitalGrads profile today!

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