Product Update #4: Take Control Over Your Profile

Our developers have been making lots of changes this year – and we’re only in February! Here is a rundown of the latest 4 changes to the DigitalGrads platform. We know you’ll like them.

This year we wanted to give you the tools and the information to proactively improve your employability. So if you pay attention to all of our latest updates, you should find yourself being invited to interviews a whole lot more.

All of our changes make building your profile easier. We’re giving you all the power to customise your profile for employers to see. It’s all in your hands!

Location Tagger

Our first update is our new location tagger.

You can now use our handy map to pinpoint the areas of the country that you’d like to work in.

We start with your postcode, identifying the local area around you. Then, using travel data, we suggest areas that could be quite easy for you to work in too.

You can edit this data whenever you need to in your timeline so that when our employers go searching through profiles, they’ll see your accurate location data.

There are also some extra options, including:

  • I’m open to remote working
  • Not happy to relocate
  • Happy to relocate across the UK
  • Only happy to relocate to major UK cities

Edit Your Summary

In the past, our profile team have been in charge of crafting you a perfect profile summary. Now that power is in your hands.

All you have to do is go into your timeline and click the big green ‘edit summary’ button to take charge!

We’ve added some handy tips and examples to the edit window to help you along. But a good rule of thumb is to keep it short and focused on your hard-skills and experiences.

Once you’ve edited or added a summary it will automatically update on your profile for employers to read, so make it good!

Add Key Skills to Your Timeline

Your key skills are vital. These are the things that employers search for when scouting for the perfect person to hire.

But as we don’t use CVs, it can be easy to miss off some of your most employable key skills.

Our developers have added a new box to your timeline. Simply click ‘edit’ on a piece of experience and at the bottom you’ll find a key skills tag box.

This is for any technologies, platforms or techniques you know how to use.

Add all the ones you can and they will appear on your profile – and most importantly – you will appear when employers search for candidates with that specialty.

That’s more visibility for you, which means an increased chance of getting hired!

Profile Nudges

And finally, we’ve added a nudges section to our platform.

While you are browsing our latest jobs you will see this green – and sometimes partly red – bar at the top of your page.

This bar will give you tips to help make your profile more visible and attractive to employers.

I recommend that you address any red areas straight away, and then you can work your way through the amber or non-essential section to increase your chances of getting seen – and hired – by employers.

What are you waiting for? Check out your profile and get it ready for employers!

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