5 Effective Strategies To Promote Your Facebook Brand Page

All young and tech-savvy people are crazy about Facebook. Nearly 2 billion million people use Facebook on a daily basis to express their thoughts, upload and share pictures, and interact with the near and dear ones. Due to the availability of a large audience on Facebook, organisations, businesses, celebrities, brands, etc, create their fan pages to broadcast information about their brand, reach out potential fans/followers, add more people to their Facebook pages, and create business opportunities.

It is not an easy task to get more likes on your Facebook brand page. Most of the people hesitate to like new Facebook pages if are filled with lots of marketing content. So, what one should do to promote Facebook pages and generate business through it? Have a look at 5 effective tips and tricks mentioned here below:

1. Update Your Facebook Page Info

Most of the people judge your company status from its Facebook Page. So, you must add a proper description, cover image, profile picture to your Facebook Page. Ensure that the images and description are appealing and give visitors an idea about the main functions of your company. This will encourage them to like your page if they are satisfied.

Furthermore, take other steps to make your page information-rich as far as possible. Choose relevant categories, subcategories (to describe your company very well), add website URL, Physical address, contact Numbers, Email Id, etc. All this information will make your Facebook page relevant and keep in up in Facebook/Google search when someone looks for products and services provided by companies like yours.

2. Post Engaging Content Regularly

It’s very difficult to get more likes and shares on your Facebook Page if you don’t post engaging content regularly. So, whenever you publish a new content on your website/blog, you should share it on your Facebook page. For example- if you run a WordPress site, you can run a WordPress plugin to automate the posting of your site’s content on the Facebook page. This will help you to engage a large number of people with your brand and generate business out of them.

Always keep in mind that social media audience doesn’t like to go through plain, boring, and long text content. Try to keep your content short and informative. Add relevant audio, video, and images as well. Depending on your specific needs, decide the frequency of social media posts. It will be better for you to add social sharing options to your site. It will encourage visitors to share interesting posts in their circle, allowing you to get more likes/shares/comments on your Facebook Page.

3. Invite The Existing Contacts To Facebook Page

Existing contacts play a big role to make your Facebook Page popular. So, you must invite all your existing contacts to like and follow the Facebook page you are promoting. For example- Invite your email newsletter subscribers to like your Facebook Page. If you are active on other social media channels, such as Google Plus, Linkedin, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, WhatsApp, YouTube, Wechat, Reddit, VK, meetup, Myspace, etc, just divert your audience from all these social media sites to the Facebook page. This will help you to increase your Facebook page authority up to a great extent and you will be able to get more Facebook Page followers/fans easily.

4. Communicate With Your Audience

When you run a Facebook page and post useful and shareable content regularly, people like to get engaged with your brand and they raise questions related to your products/services. Most of the companies tend to ignore the concerns of their customers considering them unimportant. If you do so, it can displease your social media fans and they will stop flowing your social media page. Unhappy customers dissuade other customers not to use your products and services. It causes a great loss to your business.

So, you must reply the questions of your customers actively. If you have free time, conduct Facebook Live Chat, take questions directly from visitors, and answer them on the spot.

This will make your customer pleased and they will encourage others to be associated with your brand. It gives a great boost to your efforts aimed at the Facebook page promotion.

5. Use Facebook Advertising

If you are unable to promote your Facebook page by using the above-mentioned tips, try this option. Depending on your business, give ads on Facebook. It will help you to get more clients/fans/customers based on a number of factors such as keywords, workplace, relationship status, education, geography, age, gender, etc. A well crafted and marketed Facebook Ad will help you to achieve your target easily.

Final Words:

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily promote your Facebook brand page. So, create your page and promote it using the recommended tips to achieve the ultimate goals of your business.

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