Red Flags for Graduate Job Hunters

Red Flags for Graduate Job Hunters by on Unsplash

Graduate Job Hunters: Watch Out for These Four Major Red Flags

Some companies are great to work for… some not so much. Even if you’re desperately trying to find a job, you should still be picky about what company you settle for. There are loads of red flags that some graduate job hunters might miss, but I’m going to help you stay safe and smart in your job search.

1 – Salary Silence

A few months ago I applied for a social media marketing internship. The job ad was a little sparse but I ignored it and spent some time on a CV. One hour after I submitted it, the owner of the company called me.

He started rambling about his business, using lots of words but telling me very little. About 10 minutes into the conversation he mentioned that this was an unpaid internship.

“I’m sorry – hold on – did you say this internship was unpaid?”

“Yes, yes it is. I think it’s a great opp-“

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested in unpaid work. Good luck finding someone else. Bye!”

And that’s the story of how my time and energy were wasted by a random job advert I saw on LinkedIn.

The owner of the comapny was trying to exploit the over-saturated Covid job market and recent graduates – me – by offering enticing work with no reward.

I just have to say this: there a plenty of good, honest companies that pay their interns. We know this because we’re a graduate recruitment platform that refuses to work with companies who want to exploit you.

2 – Crooked Company

Do you research every company that you apply to? It might be a good idea. Your CV has some sensitive info, so be sure to cover your back.

I recommend Googling the company and checking Glassdoor reviews. Anyone that’s been involved with the company – from past and present employees to people that have interviewed there – can post about their experience and rate the company. The best part? The company can’t touch these.

One time before I submitted an application to my dream job, I Googled the company. People that had worked there before had shared their experiences on Glassdoor and they weren’t great. I’m glad I didn’t apply in the end, because the company wasn’t what I though it would be.

Red flags for graduate job hunters

3 – Imperfect Process

Coming back to our friend the employer that didn’t want to pay me, if the company doesn’t follow a regular hiring process, they might be bad news.

We’re talking about formal interviews, application tasks and proper screening on their end. How else are they going to find the right person for them? If they come at you guns blazing, they’re probably finding it hard to recruit. That’s a big red flag.

When applying for a job through DigitalGrads you can be sure that our employers mean business. We coach them through a proper hiring process so that you’re matched to the right job.

4 – Communication Confusion

Have you ever applied for a job and heard nothing for weeks? Or maybe you interviewed for a company – really put time and effort into getting the job – and been ghosted?

It sucks! I don’t have to tell you that this is a major red flag, but I do have to say that even if your job hunting isn’t going well – don’t let the company come running back to you weeks later. They have a duty to keep you informed. If they don’t, they clearly don’t respect you.

If you’re looking for a job…

You can count on us to pick up on the red flags for you. We screen our employers and make sure that they’re the real deal and treating you well. It’s what you deserve.

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