Knowing the Importance of Mobile Before an SEO Job Interview

Preparing for any job interview can be a daunting task, but it is often the case that you can talk yourself into a job. SEO interviews are much more niche and you are required to answer technical questions about SEO practices, about any algorithm updates, and pretty much every aspect of the profession, so it’s important to do your research. SEO practices are always altering and changing to follow any Google updates that happen throughout the year, so being able to demonstrate an understanding of the changing trends and strategies will indicate your capabilities as an SEO professional. Mobile SEO has become one of the most important aspects of a digital strategy, it is a practice that will become even more apparent as Google Algorithm updates place a focus on mobile in the coming years.

What is mobile SEO?

Smartphone culture has made us a mobile-driven society, now more than even we are channeling the online world through our mobile phones. Google in fact revealed that 60% of all internet searches come from mobile phones. Many popular websites will have mobile-enables versions of themselves, but there is often a distinction between the two. For instance, Google has two versions of itself, one that you’ll find on the internet on your laptop, and one that you will find on your mobile internet.

Websites either choose to make a mobile-friendly, mirror version of themselves, and others choose to incorporate responsive design into their existing website. For instance, if a well known website that has an existing SEO strategy, is seeking to make a mirror site, it’s important to make sure that you complete all of the necessary procedures and ensure that the website is ready to receive mobile traffic.

You’ll be happy to know that the principle of SEO remains the same when it comes to mobile SEO, meaning that keyword rankings form the very basis of the strategy. Once you have familiarised yourself with all of the basics and have got your head around mobile SEO, it’s now time to understand why it is important.

Why is mobile SEO now more important than ever?

As stated previously, the world is moving towards a mobile-centric focus, and more and more people are purchasing, searching and scrolling on their phones. To become more in line with user trends and data, Google are rolling out a “Mobile First Indexing” update, which will rank a website based on the success of their mobile website, over their desktop website. If a business is performing poorly on their mobile site, then this could affect their overall rankings and the traffic they receive to their website. This update has been tested and has faced some setbacks along the way, but is rumoured to be being released in 2018. It’s important for websites to begin to pay attention to their mobile sites and to continue with a refined and excellent SEO strategy.

Once you know the basics of mobile SEO and have developed ideas and an understanding of SEO as a practice, it’s important to go into the interview and express your ideas and opinions with confidence. Remember, it’s never a bad thing to be yourself, digital marketing agencies are often a fast paced and close knit environment, so it’s important to show the employer that you are capable of fitting in with the team, and making a positive contribution to the company.

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