How Can Snapchat Help Businesses Grow?

In 2016, it’s safe to say that Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet. Over the past two years, Snapchat has started to catch the social network giant Facebook with over 100 million daily users all obsessed by 10 second snaps. The instant video messaging app allows people to send personal, distinctive video messages to their chosen audience.

What exactly is Snapchat?

Snapchat started as a fun app that allowed you to send 10 second photos or videos. The point was to share a brief moment with anyone, anywhere in the world. Now it has evolved into a multifunctional platform. Gone are the days where you’ll send a simple snap without a funny filter, outrageous sticker, or follow up with a direct message. The app’s story function also lets users create 24 hour stories, by documenting our day through a series of video clips and images in real time. It’s popularity is arguably a sign of the times; it shows we’ve now taken voyeurism to a different level.

Because of this fast growth and popularity, especially amongst the younger generations, Snapchat is a new marketing channel that businesses cannot ignore, and is therefore one that is good to have in your arsenal when attending an interview for a digital marketing role.

So how can Snapchat be used in business?

Like other social media platforms, Snapchat, allows businesses to have an individual and authentic voice, and crucially if businesses start using it now, whilst it’s relatively new, there is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Snapchat’s video technology is a perfect way to give your customers a behind the scenes look into the business, showing them things they wouldn’t usually see. And, if used correctly, you can market your own products and services directly to your target market completely free using some of the strategies outlined below. It’s also proven to be a good way to conduct free market research.

There are many ways to use Snapchat to effectively market products and services, take a look at the infographic below provided by M2 On Hold! to help you with ideas for your interview.


How Can Snapchat Expand Your Brand

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