Tired of Applying for Jobs? Advice for Graduate Job Hunters

The job hunt fatigue hits hard but with these 5 tips you’ll be back to applying – and being successful – in no time

Are you tired of applying for jobs? We’ve all been there, but if like me you graduated this year it’s especially tough. Finding your dream job in a recession is tricky enough without being a graduate.

I’ve been job hunting for months now: I’ve applied to more than 60 roles so far. All of them, except my application to join DigitalGrads, were met with either radio silence or rejection.

So as you can imagine, I know a thing or two about being tired of applying for jobs. I’ve recently got back into the swing of things and I’m here to pass on what I’ve learned.

1 – Take a Break

University gave me many skills but it didn’t prepare me for constant failure. I like to think that I’m a fast worker, but I think I’m really just addicted to productivity. But how are you being productive if you’re not getting results?

Taking a break is a horrible thing when it only makes you more anxious, but it’s often just the thing you need to get back out there and get a job. I felt so uninspired, unenthusiastic and pessimistic before I took a break – but now I’ve got a bit of hope again.

During my few weeks ignoring the job hunt itch I actually had more success than ever. I have been contacted by companies and shortlisted for roles when before I had nothing.

I’ve learnt that recruitment takes time. If you’re applying to smaller companies, they might take weeks to sift through applications. Try not to feel disheartened if you don’t hear back within a week.

Taking a break is nothing to be ashamed of. Treat yourself!


  • Don’t look at all the jobs you could be applying for – it will only make you feel guilty.
  • Respond to emails from every company that gets in touch but make no new applications.
  • If you’ve been applying for jobs for months, take a generous amount of time off. Everyone needs a break sometimes.
Tired of Applying for Jobs? Advice for Graduate Job Hunters

2 – Don’t Just Apply

One of the worst things you can do as a graduate is robotically send out applications. Make sure you fill your time in a fun, productive way too.

Have you considered starting a blog? Trying a new hobby? Volunteering your time to the people that need your help?

All of these look great on your CV and give your brain a much needed applications break, without inducing the dreaded productivity itch.


  • Upskill with DigitalGrads to have fun while improving your CV.
  • Do something creative – art, graphic design and writing are all fantastic skills.

3 – Do it Differently

Before my break I felt so uninspired. I was sending out the same old PDF CV and Word Doc Cover Letter and just said ENOUGH.

I logged onto Canva and made something different. Sure, this job application took me a few more hours than usual but it looked spectacular.

Remember that recruiters are people. They’ve been looking through applications for years. When they see another boring one, it doesn’t excite them. But if you take the time to make something they would love to read, you’ll stand out.


  • Tailor every application to the job in a new way – use company colours and really get creative with it.
  • Add a professional photo to your CV. It’s much easier to forget an application that doesn’t have a face attached.

4 – Make a Plan

After you’ve taken a couple weeks to do some R & R it can be really overwhelming stepping back into your job hunter shoes.

You will probably find loads of jobs that have immediate deadlines that you want to apply to. But don’t panic.

Take some time to plan. Ease yourself back into applications by taking a day to look at what’s available. Then, prioritise those jobs so you’re not missing the ones you really want.


  • Don’t panic!
  • Make a plan and take your time.
  • Prioritise the jobs you want and the jobs that might not be for you.
  • Apply to the jobs you’re most likely to get.
Tired of Applying for Jobs? Advice for Graduate Job Hunters

5 – Remember: It’s OK to be Unemployed

You’ve just completed a degree in the craziest circumstances in recent memory. Take it easy!

You’re no less successful or worthy if you’re unemployed. Life is not about having a job, it’s about making the most of every situation.

Your self-worth is not defined by your employment status. So sign up for Universal Credit and humble yourself – we’re all in the same boat.


  • Work on yourself, talk to your friends and take some time to appreciate the life you have.
  • Re-centre your self-worth: you are doing fantastic to be productive and healthy in these crazy times. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

If you’re still tired of applying for jobs and are looking for more advice, training and junior roles, you’ve come to the right place. The DigitalGrads team are tech and media recruitment experts. We put our heart and soul into every role, coaching candidates from application to first day of employment. Sign up to our recruitment platform today to start applying the right way.

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