Top 10 Apps For Graduate Job Seekers

Top 10 Apps for Graduate Job Seekers 

Do you want to know the top 10 apps for graduate job seekers? I have an important question for you: what did you learn at University?

Take your time to think about that.

You learned loads of stuff, didn’t you? Maybe you took all kinds of courses and memorised a ton of definitions. And you gained some practical knowledge, too. You also learned about friendship, love, and failure. But did you learn about real life?

Real life seems like an exaggerated concept to a student. Yes; you’ve already been living your real life. The reality you’ll face after graduation, however, will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You may have been through a lot. Becoming a fully independent and useful member of society, however, is a challenge that can still overwhelm you. I’m talking about your first job after graduation.

The Struggle of Getting Employed after College for Graduate Job Seekers

Only 16% of graduates from the U.S. find career services to be helpful. These career centres are usually tucked away in a distant corner of the campus, so most students don’t even think about getting advice there. Plus, they are usually underfunded and they don’t offer significant assistance in the process of getting ready for your first job.

It’s no wonder why so many graduates are struggling to launch their real life after college. The American dream is no longer what it used to be. Researchers showed that only half of the children born in the 1980s are earning more when compared to their parents.
Now what? Your school did not prepare you well, and the prospects of getting a high-class first job are not shiny. What do you do?

You do what you do best – use online tools to help you achieve a goal. These generations may not be good at many things, but they are sure great at using the Internet. You have that strength, so you better use it!

1. Snagajob

This is not the most popular job search engine on the web, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting ones. The job listings are always up to date, and the search bar is so advanced that you can easily filter the results according to your needs. The best part is that you can add your resume and apply for jobs directly from the platform.

2. PayScale

When you’re about to negotiate employment, you have to know whether or not you’re receiving a fair offer. PayScale gives you info on the average salaries for all kinds of positions. When you know how much other employees are getting for the same type of job, you won’t sell yourself short.

3. Good.Co

This platform prepares you for the job market. First of all, you’ll take a quiz. Don’t worry; it’s not being graded. You’ll really benefit from the results, since you’ll understand what your strengths are. Then, you’ll get an opportunity to connect with employers from thousands of companies on a global level.

Top 10 Apps for Graduate Job Seekers 

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so popular that it’s becoming a cliché. Everyone is using it, so you feel forced into the platform. Don’t take it that way. LinkedIn is not obligatory, but it’s certainly recommended for a young job hunter. It gives you a job list and you can directly apply for the positions, but that’s not the greatest strength of this app. It’s all about building professional connections. Create a perfect online resume and start reaching out to experts from your target industry.

5. Indeed

There are several job search apps out there, but Indeed is the best one, indeed. It’s very resourceful, and the huge search bar at the top of the page immediately gets you to business. You won’t waste time on unnecessary features; you’ll just start searching for jobs right away.

6. Glassdoor

If you’ve been looking for career tips before graduation, you probably stumbled upon Glassdoor. This platform offers valuable tips on how to attend interviews and cover all other aspects of the employment process. The Know Your Worth section is particularly useful. It’s a salary calculator that makes you aware of the fair salary for the kind of position you’re after.
Finally, Glassdoor is also a very effective job search engine, so you can start applying for jobs right away.

7. After College

Maybe you don’t feel ready to hit Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn right after graduation. Maybe you need a specialized tool that launches you in an environment that’s ready to accept you? This is it! After College lets you explore entry-level jobs based on your education. The choice of jobs is not immense when compared to the most popular job search engine, but it’s certainly worthy of attention.

8. Shapr

LinkedIn is the most important networking app in your toolkit, but it may become a chore. Asking for connections and initiating conversations is not easy on that platform. If you’re not ready to start there, Shapr will make networking easier. Here, you’ll meet inspiring people from all walks of life, and you can make connections based on your interests. The easy, friendly vibe of the app will certainly help you relax. You’ll realize that professional connections are not cold and distant. They may be friendly as well.

9. Job Interview Prep

Okay, so you’ve applied to several job ads and you’ll keep applying until you get the call for an interview. Then what?
How will you act during the interview? What questions will you get? How will you respond? This app prepares you for that experience! It’s definitely not easy to handle your first job interview, so you need all the help that you can get. Install this app ASAP and start preparing!

10. Upwork

Maybe you’re not ready for an in-office job yet. Maybe you want to travel, or maybe you need a transition period that will make the real-world shock milder. Upwork is a platform that connects freelancers with clients. If you get any kind of freelance job, you’ll be able to travel and plan your days as you want. You can do freelancing as a writer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, translator, etc. If your education prepared you for any of these jobs, go ahead and explore the opportunities that Upwork offers.
This is the most important advice that anyone could ever give you: don’t stress! I know… it’s not easy. But hey; it’s just a period of life that you have to go through. Fortunately, there are apps to make the transition easier. Check out the 10 suggestions above; they really do help!

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