Top 5 Customer Success Interview Questions and Answers

Top 5 Customer Success Interview Questions and How to Answer Them by on Unsplash

A Guide to Answering the Top 5 Most Common Customer Success Interview Questions

So you’ve snagged a customer success interview for your first big junior role. Congratulations! But before we celebrate, do you know the answers to the top 5 most common customer success interview questions?

Customer success is a really exciting field to be in – so expect some mean competition. We’re assuming that you know the basics of what’s expected of you in this role, but if you don’t click here.

Answers for the Top 5 Most Common Customer Success Interview Questions

1 – What’s the most important thing to remember when dealing with customers?

As a customer success executive/manager you need to expertly deal with customers. And what are customers? Not walking, talking bags of money – people.

Remembering to treat customers as people is the single most important thing that you can do. This means taking the time to listen to them, build a relationship and understand their needs and worries before trying to sell them a product.

If you can, try to give an example of a time you gave excellent customer service. Hopefully you will have demonstrated brilliant listening and problem-solving skills. Both of these are essential in customer success roles.

2 – Tell us about a time that you dealt with a customer conflict.

Hopefully you’ve already got that one time in mind – that customer that really kicked up a fuss.

The best way to approach this question is to tell a story. Start with setting the scene: who is the customer? What was their problem? Why were you the one to resolve it?

Next move on to your approach: what tactics did you use? How did you calm them down? How did you resolve their problem?

Finally, talk about the end result: did the customer leave happy? Did you sell them your product? Did you alter your technique after this success?

3 – Say a customer contacts you and is disappointed with our product. What would you do?

Although this can seem like a similar question to the one before, it is focused more on negotiation and persuasion skills rather than conflict management.

This is the time to really sell yourself. Talk about when you went the extra mile for someone, made their day and solved all of their problems.

Again, use the storytelling method to set the scene and really paint yourself as the hero.

4 – What is your approach to dealing with customer churn?

Customer churn is a big one for success roles. It’s the customers that stop using your company’s services or products that you need to pay attention to.

If you haven’t dealt with improving customer retention in the past, be sure to research some tactics before your interview. Things like providing excellent customer service and building great client relationships are simple ways to decrease churn.

5 – Pitch a product to me.

Here is your big moment. Your answer to this question should be the perfect snappy elevator pitch. Be as sales-y as you want and really show off all of that research you’ve done by pitching a product that this company sells. This will really impress your interviewers.

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