Top Employable Soft Skills Revealed in 2020

Top Employable Soft Skills Revealed in 2020 by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

These Top 4 Employable Soft Skills Have Proved to be Vital for All Businesses in 2020

To be successful in the 2020 job hunt you’ve got to be plugging these top 4 employable soft skills.

This year has taught us a lot about ourselves, but it’s also taught us a lot about business. We’ve seen some companies crumble under the weight of remote working where others are thriving. But what makes one company survive where another fails isn’t down to management, industry or economy: it’s down to people. When companies employ good, skilled people, they work better in times of crisis.

But what skills are more essential for modern businesses: work ethic or independence, critical thinking or team working, communication or organisation?

These are the top 4 employable soft skills you need to show recruiters when you’re applying for a job in 2020.

1 – Problem Solving

If 2020 has been anything, it’s been one big problem.

When our worlds were flipped upside down in March, every single business in the UK had big problems that they needed to be solved – fast.

Employers haven’t forgotten about the first half of the year: they’re looking to hire people that can think on their feet in times of crisis. If you work well under pressure and can use your logical mind to find solutions to problems, flaunt it!

2 – Adaptability

Businesses have had to adapt the way they do things. First they dealt with Brexit and then Covid came like a slap in the face.

To be successful in this world, we’ve got to adapt to it! Businesses need to be relevant, addressing problems and solving them for their customers. If you’re a quick thinker that’s not afraid of change, let your prospective employer know! You’re probably just what their business needs.

3 – Love of Learning

No one wants to work with a know-it-all. Pride and ego can get in the way of progress because if you can’t accept that you’re not the best, how will you better yourself?

As we know, the world is constantly changing. There’s always going to be new tech out there – if you don’t have a passion for learning new things, you’re going to get left behind.

A quick and cheap way to prove your love of learning is to take some courses. Our free learning programmes cover everything from interview skills to practical software you need to ace your interview.

4 – Team working

And finally, in 2020 you can’t be a selfish worker.

Your colleagues are going to need help from time-to-time. For the sake of the business, you’ll have to drop your work to help them succeed.

People that don’t like working as part of a team struggle with this, but individual recognition is so much less important than company success – at least in employer’s eyes.

Prove your team working skills and you’ll instantly become more employable.

Now that you can prove your skills, you need to find a job to apply for

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Check out our job hunter resources for more help finding your dream role – good luck!