Twitter vs Instagram: Content Marketing

Twitter vs Instagram_ Content Marketing

Twitter vs Instagram: Content Marketing… What is better for your campaign? There are numerous ways to generate leads through social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram as they rank among the most effective and interactive social media platforms available today.

You are bound to generate more traffic on your website when you use videos and graphics to display your ads because people find them more appealing and attractive. Of all the mediums available for advertising, video remains the most exceptional without doubt as it presents visual graphics with audio to convey the message to the targeted market thus making for the best way to attract customers.

Twitter is User-Friendly and Interactive

Ever since Twitter started offering video cards for advertisements, companies have been promoting their products and services on this platform and they have been pretty successful in generating traffic as well as revenue for their respective businesses. According to some sources, video views on Twitter have significantly increased in the last 12 months – not only is the phenomenon well-known amongst the new generation but people largely consider the platform user-friendly and interactive.

Instagram Promotes Graphical Advertisement

It is an established fact Instagram is becoming one of the most active social media platforms due to its visual media and its ability to engage audiences. Moreover, you can use the latest feature of Instagram which allows you to zoom into the pictures and you can conduct close marketing for your products and services by tagging them too. Furthermore, the storytelling feature of Instagram can be used to promote your business as well as to display promotional ads.

There are eight concrete methods to create meaningful content and make your ads so they become viral on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Step 1. Recognize Your Audience

Before you start working on the ads on social media platforms, you need to understand the fact getting your ads or any sort of content viral on the internet is not the main objective but getting it viral in front of the right audience is the main goal of your business. So, make sure you know the interests and buying behavior of your customers because it will help you target your customers effectively.

Step 2. Establish an Emotional Connection

When you connect with your target audience on emotional grounds, you make a permanent spot in their memory and they bond with you on a personal level. Integrating emotional messages in your advertisements can help resonate your messages more effectively and efficiently because emotion is something that compels people to take action.

Step 3. Give Incentives to Share Your Campaign

Your advertisements need to go viral in order to gain more target audience and for this purpose, you need people to share your marketing campaign so that more and more people are able to see the products and services that you are offering. You need to become proactive and ensure sharing of your marketing campaign by building a ‘share feature’ in your advertisement that people will follow. And you need to offer incentives. Because when you offer incentives to people for sharing your content, they will most likely do it as they are getting something in return as well. For example; Dropbox provides incentives to its customers like free storage space to anyone who refers Dropbox Application to another individual. Another example is of, as it offers a 15% discount to its customers whenever they refer the service to someone else. Nowadays, many companies are following these techniques to make their marketing campaigns more successful and viral.

Step 4. Use Audience Generated Content

The concept of going viral on social media is all about engagement. You need to engage your customers by interacting with them as this leads to conversion when they actually buy your goods and services. User-generated content is much more interactive as it invites the public to take part in the discussion and takes engagement to a whole new level. Using user-generated content makes your customers feel like they are an integral part of the organization as they share their opinions and ideas regarding the topic which is considered to be important for bringing improvements within the company. Audience-generated content is the perfect tool to bond with the community and to gain their trust by turning to them for your marketing campaign.

Step 5. Post Useful Content

When you post your content on Instagram or Twitter, make sure the content is meaningful and useful for the audience because only meaningful and useful content gets shared by the customers. Your content should be relevant to the customers as it increases the chances of it getting your content viral on social media. You are considered to be far ahead of the market when you create content that has practical use and is actionable. Avoid giving false information because people might find out the truth about your company which can be very harmful to the reputation of your business in the long-run.

Step 6. Post the Content at the Right Time

Posting a video on Instagram or tweeting on Twitter at the right time is definitely a plus point as it helps gain more customers and increases the chances of your ad getting viral on social media. For perfect timing, you need to follow the latest trends and be well aware of the current affairs so that you can schedule and post your ad perfectly. Twitter hashtags section is one of the best ways to find out about what’s going on in the world these days. Craft the perfect ad for your brand when the time is right and make it live on the internet so that people can see your advertisement and respond to the call for action.

Step 7. Use Visually Rich Content

Your tweets and Instagram posts should be attractive and engaging enough for the target audience to be shared with others as it helps promote your brand. According to a study, posts and blogs with more than one image receive more shares than posts that do not contain images at all. Create images that are trendy and try to engage the audience in online discussions as it helps your content to stand out in the market and improves the overall image and reputation of your brand.

Step 8. Develop a Unique Marketing Campaign

Your marketing campaign should be different and better than your competitors because innovation attracts more customers. One of the most important aspects of online advertisement is to create and develop call-to-action in your ads as it persuades people to act upon your marketing campaign. Therefore, come up with a plan to convince people the action you are asking them to take will be beneficial for them as well. Furthermore, if you are considering to generate more traffic on your social media page(s) and want to engage more audience, check out double play bundles that offer a steady internet connection and can help you create natural content with ease – remember people in general, respond more to videos and images that incorporate actual people rather than blatant product and services promotion.

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