A Typical Day In The Life Of A Content Marketer

A lot of people are unfamiliar with what a content marketer actually does. While my official job title is ‘content producer’, I very much play the role of a content marketer in the digital agency I work for. Summarising what I do in a succinct sentence is no easy task, as my role is so varied. But, essentially, I’m responsible for the content strategies of not only the company I work for, but also for all of our digital marketing clients (anywhere from 50 to 60 businesses at a time).


What does this mean? Well, it means I write blogs and website content for a heap of different businesses, source images and videos, create info-graphics, write EDMs and monthly newsletters, and work on effective content and outreach strategies for our digital marketing clients.


Because of the sheer volume of work that needs to be completed, every day will be different, but to give you an idea, this is an outline of a typical day of work for me.




Arrive at work and check my emails. I usually have a few emails from guest bloggers wanting to know if they can contribute to our site, which I promptly respond to, as well as a few emails from clients either requesting work to be completed or approving/ providing feedback for content that has already been written. Depending of the nature of the email, I will either respond to it straight away, or add it to my to-do list.




After my inbox has been sorted out and filed away in order of importance, I look at my list of blogging clients and their topics, see what on-page work needs to be done, and check the tasks I’ve been assigned by my team for any email content that needs to be completed. I then priorities these tasks based on urgency.


I generally like to spend the next hour writing a client blog, as it’s a nice, easy-paced way to start the day. Because of how much work needs to be completed, I will designate roughly one to one and a half hours to research, write and edit this. At which point I will schedule the post on the back-end of the client’s site, notify the client of the post, and ask them to respond with any changes they might have.




Before lunch, a minimum of two pieces of content need to be completed, so now I jump into writing the home page content for another of our client’s websites. This is compiled based on the keyword research that has already been completed by our digital marketing specialist and with the company’s brand and tone of voice in mind. This is also sent to the client for their approval.








After lunch it’s straight back to it! I might take a little time here to check my emails again and then proof some of the guest blog submissions we’ve received. If I like what I see, I will edit the post, source images and then schedule it on the back-end of our WordPress site, notifying the author of when it will go live.




Attend a client meeting with our account manager and social media manager. These are usually held over the phone and we’ll discuss their overall digital marketing strategy and monthly progress. My role in these meetings is to update them on what content we’re producing for them over the coming months.




As 3’Oclock-itis sets in, I decide to tackle our monthly newsletter content. In these, we usually provide a little update on what’s been happening with our team, highlight our latest blog and showcase our latest website launch. This is submitted to our email-marketing specialist ready to make it look pretty and determine what the most effective subject line is to ensure people actually open and read the email.




For the last hour of the day I will work on our outreach strategy, where I research sites that accept guest blogs and reach out to them to see if they’re happy for us to write something, and if they will allow us to insert a link in the article back to either our website, or one of our client’s websites. I have a big, colour coordinated spread sheet going on where I keep track of who we’ve submitted to, what’s been successful, what hasn’t, and what our steps are moving forward.




The last half an hour is a great time to make sure my record keeping is up-to-date. We keep detailed notes about our client communication and what work has been completed for the day, which I finalise before heading home at 5.30pm.


While most of my day requires me to work independently and manage my own time, regular team and client meetings are a big part of the role, and there’s always someone around to help if I get stuck on something.


If you’re thinking about a career as a content marketer, you’ll be in a unique position to wear countless hats within your chosen business. Whether you’re working for a hotel chain managing the strategies for the one business, or are like me, and get to work across dozens of different businesses in a fast-paced agency, you’ll always be busy, but you’ll also be constantly learning and developing.


It’s a very rewarding career, which I honestly couldn’t recommend more.

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April Davis is the content producer at Webfirm, a Melbourne-based digital agency that helps medium-sized businesses grow their online presence through effective web design and digital marketing strategies.
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