Why You Need to Update Your Social Media Attitude

Why You Need to Update Your Social Media Attitude

E-commerce is huge and its relationship with social media can no longer be ignored. 2017 saw Target partnering up with Pinterest, proving that even the biggest brand names are acknowledging the vital role that social media is playing in society. 99% of the top brands have adopted Facebook as their social media of choice and the numbers for the relative newcomer, Instagram, stand lower at 59% but are climbing every day. Considering that the ad revenue across the board for social media was $41 billion in 2017, it’s something that companies are taking very seriously.

What’s the big deal?

When there is a to-do list a mile long, it might not seem that important to spend half an hour going through tweets or composing a pithy message to put up on your Facebook page. So what if your followers don’t hear from you for a week or two? It’s not such a big deal, is it?

Except that it very well could be. You have to remember that social media never rests. While you might not be taking it that seriously, your competitors may have a different attitude.

Even if your competitors do have the same haphazard approach to social media that you do, you still have to contend with the indirect competition out there. Your clients only have so much disposable income, and you are not the only company that wants a piece of that.

Make the effort…

If you have a solid strategy, and are consistent in your efforts, you are able to build brand awareness relatively inexpensively. You get to build brand loyalty and keep your company uppermost in your client’s minds with little effort. It is going to require some effort to get things going, you will have to work on building up your following and providing content that your target audience finds helpful. Once you get it right, though, you will have a loyal following that does a lot of the work for you.

Great content is a MUST!

People naturally want to look good in the eyes of their peers. If you can help them do that by providing great content that they can share, their estimation of you will go up as well. People also want to be able to get the answers that they want with as little fuss as possible. This can be easily handled through social media. What’s more, it is the basic level of service that people are starting to expect now.

Bots have made it possible for people to get answers to the most common questions in a matter of seconds. Why would anyone want to deal with a company that takes days to get back to them now? Social media is not something any business can afford to deal with haphazardly anymore.


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