‘What Can You Bring to the Company?’ – The Answer Interviewers Really Want to Hear

'What Can You Bring to the Company?' - What answer Interviewers Really Want to Hear by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

How to Answer the Interview Question ‘What Can You Bring to the Company?’

What can you bring to the company?‘ is a really common question asked in most interviews – so why is it so hard to answer it?

The goal of your answer is simple – you need to convince your interviewer why you’re the best person for the job. 

But be warned! Don’t come up with the answer on the spot.

You must prepare your answer in advance to ensure you have given yourself the very best opportunity of getting hired.  In this blog are some of the main pointers to mention if you are asked this vital question! Good luck!

1 – Research the Company’s Website

One aspect of your answer that the interviewer is likely to be looking for is how much you know about the company.

As a potential employee, you need to prove that you know your facts and that you’ll easily slot in as a member of the team. You should be learning valuable information such as:

The Mission Statement

Some companies will have a key mission statement within their website which will help you understand whether your career aspirations and principles align with the employer. Once you have carried out your research, plan your answer around these core values.

‘About Us’ Page

All websites should contain an ‘About Us’ page. This will give you crucial information about the company’s history, culture and the key members of staff you need to be aware of. By integrating some of these factors into your answer, you’ll prove you have done your homework on the company as a whole. 

2 – Study the Job Description

The job description will list all of the responsibilities and duties related to the role. You’d be silly not to use it!

So review all of the key responsibilities and think about how they associate with your experiences from past employment.

You should also demonstrate how you can apply your soft skills (such as communication, critical thinking and teamwork) and positive character traits to the role. 

3. Your Ambition to Progress in the Company

Employers are typically looking to hire candidates that have the ambition of remaining within the company and progressing through the ranks. 

Remember that the organisation is investing valuable time, money and energy into the hiring process. So you should show them that you’re here to stay, rather than just passing through until a better opportunity comes along.

If your CV suggests that you have jumped from job to job, make it clear that you’re now looking for a long-term role.

4 – Demonstrate Your Excitement for the Position

Employers are looking for a sense of enthusiasm from prospective candidates. So please try to make sure that you don’t look bored or unmotivated!

Explain that this job role is an exciting career step for you and is the type of opportunity you have been searching for. 

‘What Can You Bring to the Company?’ Sample Answer

In my past roles I’ve been described by managers as ‘ambitious’, ‘excited’ and ‘cheerful’. These three attributes translate to a relentless work ethic and would fit well in your company culture. I read on your website that you value innovation and learning. These are two things that I really championed in my last role. As you can see on my CV I lead 5 key projects in my 2 years with my last company, managing them from start to finish because I just love creating. In my previous roles I’ve taken on more and more responsibility, constantly learning and eventually leading the team. I’m so excited to do the same for your company.

There is no right or wrong answer to the all-important interview question: ‘What can you bring to the company?’ However, by making sure you consider the above points when doing your interview preparation, you will have a much more cohesive and inspiring answer. 

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