What is Codebar and How Can it Help You Get a Job?

What is Codebar and how can it help you get a job by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

What is Codebar and How Can You Use it to Get Employed Fast?

Do you know about Codebar? You can use it to sharpen your tech skills and even get a job.

Coding can seem like an intimidating thing. Learning it takes time and effort that most people just don’t have to spare. But where schools are failing to teach students about the basics of the internet – like building a website – Codebar is stepping up to fill the gap.

What is Codebar?

It’s a charity with an agenda: to grow the diverse tech community. It’s free workshops take place all over the UK and are run by industry leaders and volunteers.

Social distancing regulations have made it more accessible than ever as every workshop is now online.

Who is it For?

Codebar has a mission: to make programming accessible. Strictly open to those that are underrepresented in tech, it welcomes women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and disabled people. Check if you qualify here.

If you don’t end up qualifying, there are other routes you can take. Our Software Development Training programme is a great place to start.

But beyond the positive discrimination factor… Codebar is open to everyone. Whether you’re a graphic designer or an engineer, this is the place to go to broaden your skill set and learn something new.

The virtual tutorials are also a great place to network and make friends. The average lesson begins with casual chat before moving to the technical stuff, so you can get settled in before your learning starts.

The skills that you’ll learn – like website and app building – are not only high paying but essential for anyone that wants to get ahead in their career.

The tutorials are beginner level, so if you’re already an IT expert this might not be for you. However, as you progress and gain more skills, you can use Codebar as a supportive environment for help and advice for your own projects.

Codebar sponsors are tech companies in your area and coaches are often local developers, so not only do you learn valuable skills, you build your professional network too.

How Can You Get Involved?

Simply go to the Codebar website, create a GitHub account and sign up for your first digital workshop. Their tutorials are mostly in the evening and can run into the night, so hopefully you can find one that’s convenient for you. Remember to RSVP and turn up with a notebook so you don’t get lost along the way!

What’s Next?

Now that you’re well on your way to learning how to code, you should put your skills to the test and apply for a job. We work with talented tech-savvy graduates who want to find a new job in tech or media. If you’re interested in getting paid for your new skills, sign up today!