What To Expect In a Digital Marketing Role

What To Expect In a Digital Marketing Role

What to expect in a digital marketing role? How can you succeed in a digital marketing career?

Careers in the digital marketing field were non-existent not that long ago and the requirements of the position have only come about with the rise of tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and alike. 

It is a career where the role is constantly updating itself and the need to upgrade your skills is a never-ending endeavour.

What We Expect From Entry-Level Candidates

Constant State of Learning

If you’re not upgrading your skills as you work, you will be left behind by those that are because the competition in the marketing field is fierce and it’s becoming increasingly saturated with brands wanting the spotlight.

Take online courses via udemy, read articles online using websites such as medium.com and buy books from well-known advertising professionals like David Ogilvy to keep your skills updated.

A learning-oriented approach is a must for digital marketing.

Be Curious About Human Nature and People

You will be selling your own or your client’s ideas to hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people and you need to have an extremely deep understanding of how people work and what makes them tick.

Humans are very predictable and the fundamental needs of people today haven’t changed from the fundamental needs of the cavemen days.

This skill can be learnt if you don’t innately have this ability through the use of books and resources.

Seeing The Big Picture - Taking a Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

Digital isn’t a singular field, it is a combination of ad platforms such as Facebook & Google, copywriting, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), graphic design and many other sub-categories.

Start with learning a little about each category so you can see how the multiple fields work together and then begin to hone in on the sub-category(s) you are particularly fond of.

Data-Driven Mindset

With marketing moving away from traditional marketing channels such as billboards and television ads, the platforms that are being used today provide you with the ability to track everything from the most minute details such as which word works best in a Facebook ad to video recordings of people visiting your website.

It’s no longer acceptable to just assume and make predictions as to why one ad worked and one ad didn’t. You now have the ability to find out why with the tools provided so you will be expected to use data to your advantage.

Turning Data Into a Story 

Having a data-driven mindset is great, but you also need to interpret the data and use the data you have collected to create a story as to what happened, why it happened and what you’re going to do about it.

Numbers don’t tell the client or business anything until you give them meaning. For example, one ad has an unusually high click-through rate (people clicking on the ad), and another ad doesn’t. The only difference between the two ads is the headline so you could safely assume that the first ad has a better offering that is more enticing to the customer than ad 2.

Highly-Independent Individuals

With the rise of the internet, you shouldn’t have to constantly ask how to do certain tasks because the answers are 1-click away on Google.

You have unlimited resources to learn from and you should be taking it upon yourself to find out the answers and using your initiative. 

What To Expect When Starting At An Agency

When you join a digital marketing agency, you will be expected to keep up with trends in the industry and the technologies you are using.

Facebook and Google are updating their platforms continually so you need to be aware of the changes, what they mean for the business and how you can implement them so you stay ahead of the competition.

You will be required to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and have a customer-orientated approach to your work. Despite the drastic changes in the marketing field in recent years’, the fundamentals of the work hasn't changed and nor have people. 

You are providing solutions to people’s problems and you need to convey your message that is clear, focused on the customer and constantly answers the most important question, a customer has - “what’s in it for me?”. 

Expect to be overwhelmed with the number of skills you need to learn but as we mentioned earlier, learn a little about a lot and then really go into detail once you have got the basics set. 

Digital marketing will help you learn skills that will set you up for life and that can be applied to any field you may go on to do. 

Be ready to learn about human nature, sales and how to convey an idea to an audience where you will be combining your creative flair and logical part of your brain.

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Tom Welbourne is the Director & Founder of The Good Marketer, a Digital Marketing Agency in London which works with Small Businesses to drive more traffic, generate conversions and increase sales.
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