Why You Get No Response from Potential Employers and Employees

​Why do you get no response? It's the Specter of Ghosting!

We all know the horrible feeling of getting no response from potential employers and employees. This is the spooky sounding act of ghosting comes from dating where the partner that you maybe saw spending your whole life with suddenly stops messaging you back. We can all relate to the heartbreak and upset of the relationship gone far too soon and the dreadfully haunting act of ghosting has made its way to the job hunting world. Just like shouting up at the window of the long lost lover screaming “Just give me another chance!”, we at DigitalGrads want to show how employers and employees just need a bit of additional communication to have a match made in heaven! 

How Employers Can Avoid Heartbreak

Our little birds who know all about ghosting suggest that at a time of high unemployment, employers often don’t see ghosting as a particularly bad thing. With many potential candidates, it’s much easier for employers to find the right employee, contact them and hire them. As a result, many unsuccessful applicants get no response from their potential employer as they’ve already found the right candidate and moved on. If only they knew how these poor applicants felt! The application process is often long and requires a full self examination of the self to be an employers one and only. However, it’s important to know that an employer has a lot to juggle during the recruitment process: from screening multiple applicants, contacting higher management for their opinion and hiring for multiple departments at a time makes it difficult for them to reply to every applicant for a single position.

Does this excuse the act of ghosting? Absolutely not! Many employers state in their job descriptions by stating that not every applicant will get a follow up email due to their busy schedules which prepares any applicant for the possible chance that it won’t work out. Although it isn't direct, it's better than receiving no response from your potential employer. No matter how deflating, it’s always appreciated to be told “It’s not you it’s me”. Getting an email that you’ve been unsuccessful in an application allows the applicant to know to move on and continue their job hunt. Simple emails letting applicants know the bad news but offering words of encouragement reminds them there’s plenty more fish in the sea!

Employer's Gloom! Employees Where Are You?

Don’t think that employers ghosting lets potential employees off the hook! We see you ignoring those calls and emails as well! Our trusted birds tell us the UK is currently in a state of low unemployment. As such employees have been known to ghost employers as they know they’re in high demand and can pick and choose their options which leads to ghosting of unwanted opportunities. It can be easy to blame this ghosting on those meddling kids and the lack of responsibilities, being financial, familial or otherwise, that we had to deal with back in our day! However many employers report th​ey receive no response from potential employees of many age groups. Having a low unemployment rate and the sea of job opportunities is exciting to potential employers as they can pursue the job that suits them perfectly! Which does mean some employers are left in the dust. To avoid letting these employers offices become victims of the specter of ghosting it’s always in your best interest to let employers know you won’t be taking their opportunity or that you’ve moved to save them from searching for your haunted presence in their email inboxes!
Keep Communicating!
Communication is the key to the dreaded presence of ghosting that haunts the job hunting world at bay. No matter how repetitive it’s always best to keep communicating to avoid getting no response from employers and employees. Whether this through explanations in job specifications or a quick email to let employees know you’ve moved on makes for a much less scary situation for everyone involved. Job hunting is a very competitive environment and small communication and encouragement goes a long way to keep the job hunting space less of a haunted house you dare not enter! 
​Mind Your Manners!
​At Digitalgrads we hear a lot of employers and our graduates ghosting each other. It's never a nice for those ivolved or for us to hear! It's always important to have good manners, especially within a professional context like this. Even if its bad news you should always tell your employer/potential employer to make the job hunting world a kinder place!

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