Working In Digital Marketing As A Psychology Grad

Quick Education Overview

In a perfect world, we would all know exactly what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. It would make life so much easier, and we wouldn’t spend years trying to discover where our interests lie.

I was one of those students that was interested in a little bit of everything! I had changed my major about five times throughout my college experience at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. For those of you in the same boat as I was in, it’s okay. We’re just curious people that enjoy exploring multiple subjects.

Working in Digital Marketing as a Psychology Grad

Later in my college career, I had determined that I truly loved learning about how people think and why they make certain decisions. In fact, this is how I ended up graduating with a degree in psychology. However, after graduation I realised I wasn’t too interested in working in a position directly related to the psychology field.

I explored positions working with children and shadowed an occupational therapist, and while those were valuable experiences, I couldn’t see myself working in those positions long-term.

Discovering a New Path

As I was still exploring career interests, I overheard a family member talking about needing a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist to grow his business. Being the curious individual I am, I stepped into the conversation and began learning about the

I immediately started exploring the role of an SEO Specialist and the need for them in the digital marketing field. I couldn’t believe I had never thought about looking into these types of positions. I loved the idea of figuring out why people behave the way
they do, but never looked at it in terms of behavior when buying a product or service online.

From that moment on, I began teaching myself the basics of SEO whenever I had free time. Books are great to learn from, but the internet has an endless amount of learning material — for free! Here are some digital marketing resources I used that you can check out.

Starting a New Role Working in Digital Marketing

After a couple of months of researching, I was at a point where I knew I wanted to explore a career in SEO further. The problem was that I wasn’t sure where I should start. Should I keep learning on my own, or do I try to find a job?

Maybe an internship would work? After months of searching, I was able to secure an SEO internship with a marketing agency in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was so excited to begin this new journey in a constantly changing field.

I am now two months into my internship and learning every single day. Even though I’m new to digital marketing and SEO specifically, I can’t stress how valuable agency experience is. You get to learn about different aspects of digital marketing and how all departments depend on each other to carry out projects to their fullest potential. I’ve found that communication is so important while working in this field.

Your Degree Isn’t Everything: Working in Digital Marketing as a Psychology Grad

Tips for New Grads

1) As the title states: Your degree isn’t everything!

Don’t get me wrong, those tests and presentations are important. However, the experience and skills you learn while in school are what help you get that job. If you’re like me, you may even learn some of those skills after you graduate.

2) Find what suits you.

The digital marketing field is huge! Whether it’s project management, content marketing, social media, or SEO, there are so many areas that your skills and personality can fit into. You might even enjoy all of them!

3) And finally, keep learning.

I’ve already stressed how it’s important to build experience and shape your skills, but digital marketing is a field where you need to stay on top of industry news. This field is always changing, so it’s vital that you are knowledgeable on the latest trends.

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Kaitlin Tomison is an SEO Intern at Tower Marketing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she uncovered her interest in the field of digital marketing. This led her to begin her journey as an SEO Intern where she has developed essential SEO skills and has become a master at coordinating with others in content marketing, social media and web design.
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