Your 60-Second Profile Video

Your 60 second intro video

Here is Our Guide: How to Make a Stand-Out 60-Second Profile Video

Filming a profile video can seem like a huge and unnecessary task, but what if I told you that most of the candidates that go on to score jobs through DigitalGrads have one?

It’s a fact that employers love watching your profile videos.

But I’m always asked by grads “what should I say in my video?” or “how can I explain my skills in 30 seconds?!”

So this guide is going to help you come up with a loose script idea, give you tips and basically ease you through the whole process.

Employers want you to stand out and be different. That’s all. If you can do that in your video you are pretty much guaranteed to be invited to interview.

So what makes you special? The DigitalGrads Hiring platform is your chance to show-off and market yourself to employers, so go to town.

If you’re looking for a detailed guide on pitching yourself to employers, this article can seriously help.

Have you ever…

  • Won an award – sporting or work-related?
  • Run an event that lots of people attended?
  • Been President of society at uni?
  • Got thousands of followers on a social channel or blog?
  • Built a website or app or game?
  • Taught yourself to code, or another technology?
  • Created award-winning or other notable designs?
  • Got a hobby that you are world-class at?
  • Changed career?
  • Written an article that’s been published?
  • Had some interesting work experience?
  • Done something else fabulous!?

I’d recommend finding three points to talk about, but saying that, 3 isn’t the magic number. You can do more or less if you like. This is just a guide. You can try a few things out and see what you feel most comfortable with.

The main rule is to be creative and think of your own ideas. You can use a video editor tool to showcase your editing skills and create a video that reflects your style. Whether you want to be serious or playful, it’s entirely up to you. Remember, it’s your video, not ours.

P.s. Don’t copy our example – the employers know you’ve copied and so do we, and we’ll ask you to do it again if it’s too similar!

Step 1 – Create a script

Have a rough idea of the things you want to say. It only has to be 30-60 seconds or about 50-120 words. But try and focus on personality rather than getting every word right, and don’t read it (we can see your eyes move!).

Introduce yourself clearly

Hello, I am Elton John, and graduated this summer with a 2:1 in Glam Rock Studies from the University of Manchester.

Sell yourself

Have you worked/volunteered/interned before? What did you do, and what skills did it give you? Are you an accomplished blogger? Vlogger? Photoshopper? MailChimp-er??? Highlighting any content/video/email/social media marketing skills you have is a good idea.

Backing up your claims with any stats is a great way to prove a point. Something like how many Insta followers you managed to attract for an event/business, or how much of a percentage increase you managed to drive to a website, etc.

Describe yourself

Let them know what makes you tick. What do you enjoy? How would you describe your personality?

Hook ‘em in

Maybe add something that will interest them and hook them in. Something which makes you stand out from the crowd.


Whatever you want, but something like: “Thanks very much for watching”, “I hope to have the chance to explain more in person”, “Hoping to hear from you soon!” And finish on a thank you!

Step 2 – Prepare your environment

Find a quiet room, ideally a blank wall behind you. Takedown any posters or pictures that may be in the way.

The room should also be well lit so you can be easily seen on camera.

You can sit down and film on a laptop, or on your phone if you feel more comfortable. But try not to move it around, as giving your potential employer a rollercoaster experience is not the best start.

Do one or two prep takes to ensure that your 60-second profile video is filming properly and that the sound is being picked up with no background noise.

Step 3 – Prepare yourself

If you are camera shy, then you can learn your 30-60 second intro off-by-heart. But try to imagine you are talking to a real person and not to a camera. Don’t worry if there are a few errrrs and ummmms – it’s natural, and nothing a smile won’t fix. Some people find repeating it in front of a mirror helps.

Dress as you see fit. We think that smart-casual is probably best, but don’t worry about it too much. Revealing clothes/PJs/sweary T-shirts are an obvious no-no.

Step 4 – How to film

Landscape please! (i.e. phone on its side or on a laptop). Pleeease don’t film in portrait mode (phone standing up), as we can’t use it. You don’t have to use a professional camera, an iPhone, iPad, or laptop camera will suffice if it is a quiet room and it is lightroom. Remember to have the microphone turned on.

Stand in front of the camera reasonably close, again so it picks up your voice without any trouble and we can see you. Aim for head and top of shoulders in the frame. Look at the camera. Smile, relax and pretend you are talking to a friend.

Remember to slow down. Most of us have a tendency to speed up when we’re nervous or uncomfortable. Remember, you can take as many takes as you need.

Sometimes it helps to actually chat with a friend on the phone before you start, as that can really relax you. Also remember that you can edit the beginning and end very easily, so don’t worry if there is a bit of movement at the start or end when you turn the video equipment on or off.

And remember, if you have some video skills – feel free to be as creative as you like. These things are never one-size-fits-all! This video will give you further insight on how to create your 60-second profile video.

You can find some examples of the grads’ videos here.

Now it’s over to you! Let us know if you have any questions.

If you’re looking for more advice about boosting your employability and getting a job, we’ve got you covered.

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